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Passanger Ships

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  Jul 06, 2022

RINA amends Rules for the Classification of Yachts Designed for Commercial Use

Classification Society RINA has amended parts A, B, C and E of "Rules...

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  Jun 30, 2022

EU amends Implementing Decision 2019/919

The European Commission has issued amendments to Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/919. The...

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  Jun 27, 2022

Amendments to HSC published by IMO

IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) has issued amendments to the International Code of...

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  Jun 16, 2022

IMO issues a Circular Letter on monkeypox outbreak

International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued a Circular Letter No.4575 in order...

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  Jun 14, 2022

Designation of the Mediterranean Sea as an Emission Control Area

From 6 to 10 June 2022, the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) has...

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  Mar 23, 2022

Liberia Maritime Authority issues several Marine Advisory Notes regarding the ongoing COVID-19 crisis

The Republic of Liberia's Maritime Authority has issued three Advisory Notes in order...

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  Feb 21, 2022

CDC issues new Operations Manual for COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships Operating in U.S. Waters

The document is intended to assist foreign-flagged cruise ship operators that have chosen...

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  Jan 18, 2022

IACS proposes revision of resolution MEPC.244(66): 2014 Standard Specification for Shipboard Incinerators

The discrepancies between resolution MEPC.244(66) and SOLAS chapter II-2 have raised...

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