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  Jun 21, 2024

UK: Amended REG guidelines on Shaft/Engine Power Limitation systems for EEXI compliance

REG of the UK MCA, in June 2024, amended the Unified Interpretation for the use of Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) systems on REG ships....

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  Jun 07, 2024

Amendments to Ship Power Limitation Guidelines issued by IMO

IMO issues Resolution MEPC.390(81) amending 2021 Guidelines on Shaft/Engine Power Limitation for EEXI Compliance and Power Reserve Use....

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  May 27, 2024

IMO issues a circular with a new reporting format for power reserve usage

The International Maritime Organization has issued a circular with Format for Reporting to the Organization Uses of a Power Reserve....

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  May 21, 2024

IACS recommendations for BWMS testing and EEXI implementation

IACS published two recommendations: one for conducting commissioning testing of BWMS and another for implementing EEXI....

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