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Hong Kong

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Latest news from the flag state of Hong Kong

  Aug 26, 2022

Hong Kong issues list of certificates and publications required to be carried on board ships

Hong Kong has recently issued a Merchant Shipping Information Note that provides list...

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  Aug 03, 2022

Hong Kong issues Notice warning vessels of reconstruction works

Hong Kong has issued Marine Department Notice No. 153/2022 to warn vessels...

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  Jun 24, 2022

Hong Kong notifies vessels of several marine works

Hong Kong Marine Department has issued multiple Notices warning mariners of construction, repair...

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  Jun 24, 2022

Hong Kong issues Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2009 Commencement Notice

The Marine Department of Hong Kong has issued a Commencement Notice No. 27/...

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  May 11, 2022

Hong Kong warns vessels of sampling and dredging works

Hong Kong has issued two Marine Department Notices warning vessels of marine works....

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  Apr 26, 2022

Hong Kong warns vessels of Several Marine Site Investigation and Repair Works

Hong Kong has issued several Notices during April warning vessels of marine works...

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  Apr 22, 2022

Hong Kong warns vessels of marine site investigation works

With immediate effect and for a period of approximately three months, marine site...

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  Apr 21, 2022

Man overboard incident in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has issued a notice regarding a man overboard accident on board...

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  Feb 10, 2022

Man overboard accident on board a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier

The vessel departed from Port Dickson, Malaysia for the loading port in Paranagua,...

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  Feb 08, 2022

Hong Kong warns vessels of Construction of Subsea Pipeline off Black Point Power Station and to the South of Cheung Chau

Hong Kong Marine Department warns passing vessels that construction will take place as...

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