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Maritime regulatory news regarding the flag state of Liberia

  May 22, 2024

Guidelines for authorization of service providers for maritime equipment maintenance on Liberian-flagged vessels

Liberian Maritime Authority's note serves as a guide to maintaining, examining, testing, overhauling, and repairing crucial equipment....

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  May 20, 2024

Liberia issues stability and trim information requirements for shipmasters

The Liberian Maritime Authority's revised marine notice reminds shipmasters of the requirement to have adequate stability and trim information....

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  May 03, 2024

Latest Updates in Marine Notice INS-001 for Safety Inspections of Liberian Ships

Explore the recent revisions to Marine Notice INS-001, detailing enhanced safety inspection protocols for Liberian-flagged vessels, aiming for improved maritime safety and compliance....

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  May 03, 2024

Strengthening Maritime Security: Key Updates from the Marine Security Bulletin 13/2024/Rev.1

Learn about the critical updates and recommendations for maritime security in the Gulf of Oman and surrounding regions as outlined in the latest Marine Security Bulletin by the Liberian Maritime Authority....

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  Apr 11, 2024

Liberia issues a marine notice with guidelines for safety inspections of Liberian vessels

Liberia Maritime Authority's updated notice ensures safety and compliance for Liberian-flagged vessels via regular inspections....

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  Apr 08, 2024

Liberia issues fee structure and payment guidelines for maritime operations

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a revised marine notice that provides a consolidated list of fees for official documents and services....

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  Apr 04, 2024

Liberia: Guidelines for ISM Code and SOLAS compliance

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a marine notice on ISM Code and SOLAS compliance, ensuring safe ship operations....

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  Mar 27, 2024

Liberia issues notices for enhancing compliance and maintenance for Liberian-flagged ships

Liberia Maritime Authority issued notices to improve compliance, minimize PSC detentions, and maintain Liberian Registry fleet quality....

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  Mar 12, 2024

Most important regulatory news published in the last 30 days

We remind you of the most important articles about maritime rules and regulations...

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  Mar 01, 2024

Liberia issues pre-arrival deficiency checklist for vessels arriving to Australia, China, Europe, and USA

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a note on the pre-arrival deficiency checklist for vessels arriving to Australia, China, Europe, and the USA....

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  Feb 15, 2024

Liberia issues defective AWG fire hose nozzles notice

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a marine advisory regarding the notice concerning AWG Fire Hose Nozzles....

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  Jan 22, 2024

Liberia issues LRIT compliance guidelines

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a marine notice regarding Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT)....

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