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  Feb 22, 2024

Bulletin with guidelines for exemption certificates and equivalences in maritime conventions issued by Barbados

The Barbados Maritime Ship Registry has issued a revised bulletin with guidelines for obtaining maritime exemptions and equivalences....

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  Feb 21, 2024

Guidelines for Port State Control Inspections at Indian ports

DGS India has published a merchant shipping notice for PSC inspections of foreign-flagged vessels visiting Indian ports....

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  Feb 20, 2024

EMSA: Study on safe bunkering with biofuels

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) on 8 February published a Study on safe bunkering with biofuels....

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  Feb 15, 2024

Liberia issues defective AWG fire hose nozzles notice

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a marine advisory regarding the notice concerning AWG Fire Hose Nozzles....

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  Feb 14, 2024

Marshall Islands issued ship security advisories on threats to shipping

RMI Maritime Administrator has issued three ship security advisories SSA-01-24, SSA-02-24, and SSA-03-24 regarding threats to shipping....

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  Feb 12, 2024

India: DGS Orders on amendments to the 2008 IS Code and FTP Code

The Directorate General of Shipping, India has published two DGS Orders regarding the amendments to the 2008 IS Code and FTP Code....

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  Feb 09, 2024

NTSB issued a safety alert on the importance of personal locator devices

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a safety alert SA-088 titled Personal Locator Devices: Improve Your Chance of Rescue....

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  Feb 08, 2024

Panama introduces new ASI questionnaire for MLC

The Panama Maritime Authority issued a Merchant Marine Notice MMN-01/2024 regarding Panama Flag Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) – CIC on MLC....

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  Feb 07, 2024

Barbados issues new bulletin on laid-up vessel requirements

The Barbados Maritime Ship Registry issued a new bulletin, on 24 January 2024, regarding laid-up vessel requirements....

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  Feb 02, 2024

IACS published new UR on ammonia releases in ammonia fuelled vessels

IACS has published a new unified requirement (UR H1) on control of ammonia releases in ammonia fuelled vessels....

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  Jan 16, 2024

MSC.458(101) Resolution: Advancing Safety Standards for Ships Using Low-Flashpoint Fuels

Exploring the MSC.458(101) Resolution's impact on maritime safety for ships using low-flashpoint fuels, including natural gas....

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  Jan 16, 2024

U.S. Coast Guard Enhances Fire Safety Standards for Small Passenger Vessels

U.S. Coast Guard sets new fire safety standards for small passenger vessels, enhancing maritime safety and compliance....

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