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  Aug 31, 2022

UK issues updated Guidance for Inspections of Cruise vessels

UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency has issued a Merchant Information Notice (MIN) that...

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  Aug 26, 2022

Hong Kong issues list of certificates and publications required to be carried on board ships

Hong Kong has recently issued a Merchant Shipping Information Note that provides list...

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  Aug 19, 2022

Singapore issues notice warning vessels of marine works

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has issued several notices warning vessels of...

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  Aug 16, 2022

US updates Instruction on Disease Concerns Related to Coast Guard Operations

United States Coast Guard has updated its Commandant Instruction on Public Health and...

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  Aug 12, 2022

Vessel speed restrictions during season of cetaceans

Republic of Panama has issued a Circular to warn vessels of commencement of...

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  Aug 05, 2022

Liberia issues Notice on Safety of Navigation

Liberia Maritime Authority has issued a Notice to provide advice and guidance to...

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  Aug 03, 2022

Australia ceases printing nautical publications

Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) has issued a marine notice to inform shipowners, operators,...

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  Aug 03, 2022

Hong Kong issues Notice warning vessels of reconstruction works

Hong Kong has issued Marine Department Notice No. 153/2022 to warn vessels...

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  Jul 26, 2022

Singapore resumes ship inspections for the issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificate

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has issued a Circular to remind the...

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  Jun 29, 2022

UK MED exemption soon to expire

As a result of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), the United...

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  Jun 27, 2022

Polar Code Inspection Campaign launched by Paris MoU

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) has launched...

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