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  Jun 28, 2024

CCS publishes 2024 Rules for Materials and Welding

China Classification Society (CCS) has released updated Rules for Materials and Welding, set to take effect from July 1, 2024....

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  Jun 20, 2024

Panama issues implementation guidelines for the IP Code

PMA issued MMC-401 covering several key aspects related to the International Code of Safety for Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel (IP Code)....

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  May 28, 2024

Notice on categorisation of waters in the UK regions

UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued a Merchant Shipping Notice regarding categorisation of waters....

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  May 27, 2024

IMO issues a circular with a new reporting format for power reserve usage

The International Maritime Organization has issued a circular with Format for Reporting to the Organization Uses of a Power Reserve....

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  May 21, 2024

IACS recommendations for BWMS testing and EEXI implementation

IACS published two recommendations: one for conducting commissioning testing of BWMS and another for implementing EEXI....

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  May 14, 2024

Acceptance of Ballast Water Management System Type Approval Certificates for Bermuda Registered Ships

BSMA has published a guidance notice regarding the acceptance of Type Approval Certificates for Ballast Water Management Systems....

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  May 03, 2024

Latest Updates in Marine Notice INS-001 for Safety Inspections of Liberian Ships

Explore the recent revisions to Marine Notice INS-001, detailing enhanced safety inspection protocols for Liberian-flagged vessels, aiming for improved maritime safety and compliance....

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  May 02, 2024

Navigating New Waters: Understanding the Guidelines for Static Yacht Events in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Isle of Man Ship Registry's TAN 003-24 offers guidance on training for seafarers on vessels using non-LNG low-flashpoint fuels....

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  Apr 29, 2024

ICS releases 5th edition of environmental compliance guide for the shipping industry

ICS Publications has released the fifth edition of ‘Shipping and the Environment: A Guide to Environmental Compliance’....

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  Apr 25, 2024

Panama Canal adjusts lock slot allocation based on Gatun Lake levels

The Panama Canal Authority issued an advisory informing on increase in the number of booking slots and increase in the maximum allowable draft....

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  Apr 24, 2024

UK publishes guidance on Merchant Shipping (Anti-Fouling Systems) Regulations 2024

UK MCA published MGN 398 (M+F) Amendment 1 with guidance on certain aspects of the Merchant Shipping (Anti-Fouling Systems) Regulations 2024....

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  Apr 23, 2024

Gibraltar issues new regulations and certification standards for domestic vessel operators

The Gibraltar Maritime Administration has issued LMD 014a on qualification and certification required for the operation of a domestic craft....

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