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  Jun 14, 2024

Bahamas Maritime Authority reporting requirements notice

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has issued a marine notice detailing the obligations and procedures for reporting specific incidents....

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  May 07, 2024

IMO's notice regarding updates to national operational contact points for incidents involving harmful substances

IMO updated the national points of contact responsible for handling urgent reports regarding incidents involving harmful substances....

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  Mar 26, 2024

India releases 2023 annual report on maritime incidents

The casualty circular with the annual report of 2023 by the DG Communication Centre on reported incidents has been released by the DGS India....

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  Mar 20, 2024

ReCAAP releases latest guidebook on recognizing fishing vessels in Asian waters

Korean Register (KR) has published a circular regarding amendments to the 2023 Classification Technical Rules....

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  Mar 05, 2024

Singapore issues circular on reporting of marine casualties and incidents

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore issued a circular regarding the reporting of marine casualties and marine incidents to MPA and TSIB....

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  Feb 06, 2024

IMO summary and quarterly updates: National Contact Points for Safety and Pollution Prevention and Response

International Maritime Organization published a circular updating the National Contact Points for Safety and Pollution Prevention and Response....

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