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  May 13, 2024

Barbados issues a bulletin on Ballast Water Management

The Barbados Maritime Ship Registry has issued bulletin No. 032 concerning Ballast Water Management....

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  May 03, 2024

Latest Updates in Marine Notice INS-001 for Safety Inspections of Liberian Ships

Explore the recent revisions to Marine Notice INS-001, detailing enhanced safety inspection protocols for Liberian-flagged vessels, aiming for improved maritime safety and compliance....

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  Apr 22, 2024

Guidelines for authorizations under SOLAS Chapter XV issued by the UK

UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued MIN 708 (M) regarding authorisations issued in accordance with SOLAS XV/3.2 and 3.3....

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  Apr 09, 2024

Gibraltar issues guidance for small commercial vessels in non-British waters

Gibraltar Maritime Administration issued SGN for small commercial vessels in non-British waters: inspection, survey, certification guidance....

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  Mar 27, 2024

Liberia issues notices for enhancing compliance and maintenance for Liberian-flagged ships

Liberia Maritime Authority issued notices to improve compliance, minimize PSC detentions, and maintain Liberian Registry fleet quality....

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  Feb 26, 2024

Promulgating strategy for IMO treaty compliance in India

DGS India has published an MS notice regarding the implementation and enforcement strategy for fulfilling India's IMO treaty obligations....

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  Jan 11, 2024

Panama Maritime Authority Launches GMSIPI for Enhanced Maritime Safety

Introduction The Panama Maritime Authority's Merchant Marine Circular MMC-373, released in...

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  Jan 10, 2024

Enhancing Maritime Safety: Key Updates in IMSBC Code's Amendment 06-21

Explore the critical updates in Amendment 06-21 of the IMSBC Code, effective December 2023, enhancing safety standards for the transport of solid bulk cargoes....

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