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  Jun 11, 2024

Notice on MARPOL Annex VI and BWM Convention ratification for Bermuda registered ships

The Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority has published BMIN 2024-01 regarding the MARPOL Annex VI & BWM Convention ratification....

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  Apr 29, 2024

ICS releases 5th edition of environmental compliance guide for the shipping industry

ICS Publications has released the fifth edition of ‘Shipping and the Environment: A Guide to Environmental Compliance’....

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  Mar 28, 2024

CCS issues revised guidelines for design and installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems

CCS has published revised guidelines for the design, installation, and operation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) on ships....

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  Mar 20, 2024

Panama's circular on ODS phase-out and HCFC prohibition

The Panama Maritime Authority issued MMC-376 on phase-out and prohibition of installing equipment containing ODS, including HCFCs....

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  Jan 11, 2024

Panama's Advanced Maritime Environmental Policy: Embracing SEEMP, IMO-DCS, and CII

Explore Panama Maritime Authority's Circular MMC-365 on SEEMP, IMO-DCS, and CII, highlighting Panama's commitment to maritime environmental sustainability....

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