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  Apr 15, 2024

India: Introduction of online Ship Reporting and communication protocols for sensitive regions

DGS published a circular regarding the implementation of an online Ship Reporting system for specific maritime regions prone to security risks....

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  Mar 29, 2024

IMO's maritime security update: Red Sea crisis and international response efforts

IMO has published a committee document regarding measures to enhance maritime security with update on the Red Sea....

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  Mar 19, 2024

USCG: Guidance on reporting security incidents and cyber threats in maritime transportation

The United States Coast Guard issued Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular No. 02-24 on security incident reporting....

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  Mar 14, 2024

Safeguarding Maritime Navigation: Responding to GNSS Interference and AIS Spoofing

Explore the Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator's latest advisory on GNSS interference and AIS spoofing, highlighting the importance of maritime navigation security....

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  Mar 06, 2024

Canadian recognition of STCW certificates for Irish seafarers

Transport Canada has issued a ship safety bulletin No. 07/2024 that Irish seafarers can now seek Canadian recognition of their STCW certificates....

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  Mar 05, 2024

Singapore issues circular on reporting of marine casualties and incidents

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore issued a circular regarding the reporting of marine casualties and marine incidents to MPA and TSIB....

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  Feb 21, 2024

Guidelines for Port State Control Inspections at Indian ports

DGS India has published a merchant shipping notice for PSC inspections of foreign-flagged vessels visiting Indian ports....

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  Feb 14, 2024

Marshall Islands issued ship security advisories on threats to shipping

RMI Maritime Administrator has issued three ship security advisories SSA-01-24, SSA-02-24, and SSA-03-24 regarding threats to shipping....

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