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  Mar 08, 2024

Navigating New Regulations: MEPC's Commitment to Cleaner Marine Diesel Engines

With its recent session, MEPC has solidified its role in reducing marine diesel engine emissions....

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  Mar 08, 2024

LR published Class News on Administering Authorities for EU ETS in the maritime sector

LR published a Class News on 4 February 2024 regarding the publication of the list of Administering Authorities (AAs) under the EU ETS....

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  Feb 14, 2024

Korean Register has published the Guidelines for Shaft Generators

Korean Register (KR) has published the Guidelines for Shaft Generators. Document GL-0043-E was published on 03 January 2024....

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  Jan 10, 2024

EU's Strategic Move in Maritime Environmental Regulation: Council Decision 2023/2754

Explore Council Decision (EU) 2023/2754, a key step in aligning EU and EEA environmental regulations, focusing on maritime ETS and stationary sectors, effective from December 2023....

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